• 5 Basic Live Poker Tournament Tips


    There are numerous different ways poker players choose to play the game, however, there are certain basics you must try to adhere to. Now, these may seem very easy and straight forward but it is amazing how many poker players available simply dismiss them.

    There are two ways to look at these poker tips, and because you want to develop into a better poker player this post may be worth reading, first, you were unaware of these domino 99 poker tips and you can use them to your advantage or second you are aware of them and you are able to watch for other poker players not adhering to them.

    5 Basic Live Poker Tournament Tips

    Simply put, the poker players not following these tips are obviously novices and will likely lose all there chips to the more knowledgeable poker player.

    Poker Tip 1. Wait to look at your cards

    Our golden rule is to view what other poker players are doing. How can you do this if you are taking a look at your cards? Wait until it is your turn to do something then look at your cards, you should be concentrating on the players due to do something before you, not all on your own cards. The only time you must look straight away is underneath the gun (first to do something sitting alongside the big blind), but nevertheless, you will look for players after you which have already checked their cards.

    Poker Tip 2. Do not lift your cards from the table

    We've all seen it on TV, cover your cards with one hand and only raise enough of the cards to understand their value and suit. Do not lift the cards off the table to obtain a better look. This opens the entranceway to showing your opponents both your cards and your tells.

    Poker Tip 3. Act in turn.

    I don't really know why I have this tip here, because in the event that you follow poker tip 1, you shouldn't manage to act out of turn as you haven't seen your cards yet. However, to become a better poker player you should realize you are able to watch for players meaning to do something after you and get yourself a read on the possible actions. Because you will choose to do something subsequently doesn't mean your opponents will. Watch out for that opponents holding their cards ready to muck out of turn.

    Poker Tip 4. Only look at your cards once

    Only look at your cards once and make every effort to show no emotion. You merely have two cards to remember, in the event that you can't remember the worthiness and suit of two cards you looked over 30 seconds ago you have a lot of homework to accomplish to become a better poker player. Besides, you should be spending as much time as you possibly can watching your opponents as opposed to watching your own cards. Furthermore, see if you can work out a consistent period of time to look at them. Eg. Try for 3 seconds every hand. A poker tell may be acquired by the total amount of time a new player looks at their cards. Consistency is the key, regardless of how strong or weak your hand is.

    Poker Tip 5. Showing your cards

    There is an art form for showing your cards. Professional poker players show their cards at certain times for definite reasons, they have an agenda in your mind and are attempting to create a trap. Don't get sucked into showing your hand unless you have attempt to purposely do so. You will find many poker players suggest there is a constant show your hand - keep your opponent guessing. This is good advice when you have not set a plan. Wanting your opponents to trust you bluff a lot, or only play with very strong hands or even attempting to place a new player on tilt really are a few reasons to show your hands. Stroking your ego is unquestionably no reason to show your hand.

    We could post a huge selection of poker strategies and tips here on the best way to develop into a better poker player and they're all valuable. You will find them online and even from your opponents. BUT, these tips and poker strategies are useless unless you implement them into your poker game. You must want them to become second nature, embed them into your subconscious.

    It is just a matter of being aware of your surroundings and most of all aware of yourself. You are destined to become a better poker player if you start to focus on you, your mindset and how you approach the game.


    To simply help poker players adapt, learn and implement these skills, we've published an e-book, Poker - The Power of Body Language. We have designed this book to be an easy read, which will subliminally embed the capacity to learn and read the necessary skills. The next thing for your requirements becoming a better poker player.

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